All consultants are experienced and fully trained in the recruitment, selection and ability testing of personnel.Our team is passionate about helping match the best candidate with the right position.

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you want to fill.

Looking for a job placement that’s longer than 12 months?

Then permanent is the correct category for you.

Executive recruitment for niche, rare skills.

Pronel will headhunt nationally and internationally to fill your exclusive position.

Pronel has a dedicated temporary division.

We can assist with any short-term staffing needs you may have.

Specialising in the recruitment of technical staff.

Improve your organisations workforce and operational efficiencies.

Our staff are exceptionally knowledgeable and pride themselves in building sound relationships with our clients. This ensures that we fully understand our clients’ needs.

As an agency who has built a well known brand, we believe we attract top calibre candidates thereby providing our clients with the ‘cream of the crop!” Pronel offers a cost-effective placement solution for businesses.

Interact with our experienced consultants and enjoy time-saving efficiency and access to an international network of applicants.

Bridget Jones – Managing Director


Why use a personnel agency?


Costs company in time and money to advertise and recruit themselves.


The company does not have to screen calls. The agency will send only suitably qualified applicants.


The agency will bear the cost of the advertising.


The agency will always have a resource base of applicants from which to research and find applicants.

Pronel ensures a professional, streamlined approach to your recruitment needs.

A thorough process, from identifying and screening of candidates for the position in your company, to referring suitable job seekers, means your vacancy is filled by the best possible applicant.

Fill Vacancies Rapidly

  •    Speed of service – The agency can supply same day service because of extensive research base.
  • Confidentiality – The agency will keep the company details and salaries offered confidential.
  • Trained personnel consultants – The agency has specially trained/IPSC qualified staff to handle recruitment needs.
  • Guarantee period – If the candidate is unsuccessful, then the agency will replace free of charge.
  • Applicants are properly referenced checked and tested – ITC checks are also conducted.


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Why use us?

We are recruitment industry specialists.

We ensure that all our personnel consultants are properly trained in all aspects of the recruitment and selection of candidates in order to offer an outstanding service to clients.

Make sure that you get the most important information from job seekers in an interview.

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Permanent & Temporary Terms

Our aim is to offer a personalised service and to create a service package to satisfy the needs of each client.