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Our team have the knowledge, skills and understanding that allows us to fully comprehend the needs of our clients and to offer recruitment models best suited for their business.


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Comprehensive CV’s will be compiled by the agency. The agency will only refer their top three applicants, this saves time as only suitably qualified candidates are interviewed.



The agency has an interview office freely available for clients to use. We network internationally.


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No fee is payable until someone referred is offered permanent or temporary employment.

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Fast Hiring Process

We will save you time – the company does not have to screen calls. The agency will send only suitably qualified applicants.


It costs your company time and money to advertise and recruit. Outsourcing to us will save you time and money.

Large Talent Pool

The agency will always have a resource base of applicants from which to research and find applicants.

Local & Remote

We keep abreast of the times and can help you find remote talent too.

26 Years of Experience

All consultants are experienced and fully trained in the recruitment selection and ability testing of personnel. Our team is passionate about helping match the best candidate with the right position.

Advertise Globally

The agency will bear the cost of the advertising.