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I am currently a practicing seasonal worker in America looking to re-enter the field of mechanical engineering/project management/consultancy. My experience thus far has provided me with tools necessary for creative problem solving, working efficiently and effectively, building customer loyalty and seeing projects through according to specifications and deadlines.



IDENTITY NUMBER                                 9202055103082



DRIVERS LICENSE                                   Code 08



HEALTH                                                       Good – Diabetic Type 1



CRIMINAL RECORD                                 None



ADDRESS                                                     77 Colley Avenue

Cambridge West


East London

Eastern Cape



NATIONALITY                                           South African



HOME LANGUAGE                                   English



CONTACT DETAILS                                 Cell – 0825563634

Home – 0437263388

Email – fred.clarke@hotmail.co.za











Walter Sisulu University

National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering         (Graduated 2014)





Mechanical Practice, Design, Strength and Applied Strengths of Materials, Steam plant,  Hydraulics of Machines, Mechanics of Machines, Mechanical Manufacturing, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Mathematics, Mechanical Drawing, Electro technology, Management & communication and AutoCAD.





Matriculated at Selborne College (East London) in 2010.


SUBJECTS                                                   English



Physical science

Life science

Engineering Graphics & Design

Life Orientation

Mathematics 3

























EMPLOYER:                                               KALIL FARMS INC (ND, USA)

POSTION:                                                     Farm Worker

PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT:                  (Apr 2016-Current)


DUTIES:                                                        Set, operate and maintain farm equipment to plant, spray, harvest and haul grain and bean crops. Calve out calves during the calving period. Care for nursing mothers, vaccinate and treat sickness. Move cattle to and from various summer grazing pastures. General shop work, farm maintenance and related duties pertaining to grain farming operations such as picking rocks, greasing equipment, maintaining farm structures and basic welding.

REFEREE:                                                   Dan Kalil (Owner)

Contact Number: +17015701044


EMPLOYER:                                               C&S COOLING AND HEATING

POSTION:                                                     Manager

PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT:                  (Jan 2015-Apr 2016)


DUTIES:                                                        Doing take off lists, commissioning air-con units, installing air-con units. Drawing handling and designs of air-con and ventilation systems. Running projects. Ordering materials. Costing, quoting and invoicing.

REFEREE:                                                   Colin Clarke (Owner)

Contact Number: 0812425217


EMPLOYER:                                               AIR FIRE SOLUTIONS

POSTION:                                                     Practical 1 & 2, Temporary Work (Site                                                                                   management)

PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT:                  (Nov 2010-Jan 2011)&(Jul 2013-Aug 2014)


DUTIES:                                                        Site manager at Frere Hospital for upgrading of air-conditioning and ventiliation. Doing take off lists, commissioning air-con diffuser units, installing extraction fans and installing a heat exchanger. Drawing, handling and running of projects. Filing and assisting Contracts Manager. Operating Laser cutter, Plasma cutter and machinery.

REFEREE:                                                   Russell Hayward (Contracts Manager)

Contact Number: 0833205320


EMPLOYER:                                               FLAT FOOT AIRCONDITIONERS

POSTION:                                                     Temporary Work

PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT:                  (Nov 2012-Feb 2013)

DUTIES:                                                        Trainee in the Mechanical Engineering field. Operations of Thermal Imager, Servicing DB board panels, Air-Conditioners and Fire Extinguishers. Auditing. Billing. Writing reports on services and assisting the Operations Director.

REFEREE:                                                   Colin Clarke (Former Operations Manager)

Contact Number: 0812425217

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