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Please accept my Curriculum Vitae for the New Product Developer manager position available in Howick. My background knowledge and technical experience will prove to be an effective match for this opportunity.


I currently have a Bachelor of Science degree specializing in Chemistry and Microbiology, both aspects being advantageous in different ways across a broad spectrum. The chemical aspect involves various techniques, which can be used for analytical purposes including HPLC, GC, FT-IR and many other methods. The biological aspect includes techniques such as electrophoresis, asepsis, biochemical processing, enumeration, isolation and culturing of bacteria just to name a few.  I also have a working knowledge of a quality system which is adhered to at all times. The quality manual complies with the ISO 17025 standard and is accredited by SANAS. This accreditation process has also provided me with experience on how to conduct audits as well as ways of dealing with a non conformance via root cause analysis.


Both of these aspects have ensured that my report writing skills, analytical skills and problem solving skills are of an excellent standard. Lab safety and precision was also encouraged during my studies and I have maintained these practices. I am also certified by the Dale Carnegie Institute, which has prepared me even further for a workplace environment  with respect to people/ project management and communication skills.


Although it is not considered to be relevant industry work experience, I do have an understanding of the business world and a working environment by having been exposed to the wholesale and retail sector for approximately four years. Three years of which were during the university vacations and more recently, a full time position within the family-owned electrical company for approximately one year. These duties involved sales, management of employees and purchases occasionally.


However, having completed my studies I moved on to a career within a field of which I was passionate about. Most recently, I have been tasked with running the Analytical Chemistry Instrumental Lab at Food and Cosmetic Technologies which I feel would be a good fit for this opportunity with respect to HPLC and GC analysis (including troubleshooting, fault-finding and maintenance) as well as various other analytical methods. I am also involved in Research and Development work such as product formulation including: Factory trials, Sensory evaluations, shelf life evaluations and product improvements/ modifications for our in-house manufacturing facility as well as external clients (Adcock Ingram, Nativa, Illovo, Unilever etc.). This has provided me with a great deal of experience due to the diversity of requests received for developmental work. Since my appointment as a Senior Analyst, I am also responsible for training and supervising new staff members as well as ensuring they are competent in various methods utilized in the laboratory. My experience within the Research and Development field has also provided me with an in-depth understanding of the chemistry behind many concepts, therefore allowing me to carry out various non-routine testing and method development, which I feel is essential for a successful career within the science industry. Relative to this position, I have been involved in the validation for various methods and processes in the lab. These include carrying out the validations to comply with the ISO 17025 standard which is a SANAS requirement whereby all methods are required to be tested for Robustness, Repeatability, and Reproducibility. My current research in the packaging field has been used in a postgraduate MSc. thesis at the University of KwaZulu Natal. I also have a lot of knowledge regarding packaging of products with respect to the effects on shelf life, insulation and different types of materials.


I hope that you will find me well qualified for this position and have noted my passion, diverse background and potential to be an outstanding member of the team. I feel that my combined knowledge and experience in the chemistry and microbiology field is tailor made for this position. My competencies and skills have been listed in my CV, please let me know if you require any other information.


Kind regards,
Ahmad Dhooma

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