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Permanent Placements

Pronel’s recruiting is that of a professional consultancy and we operate strictly according to Apso’s code of ethics.
  •  Our consultants are experienced and fully trained in the recruitment, selection and ability testing of personnel.  We cover all fields of recruitment and selection.
  •  Our aim is to offer a personalised service and to create a service package to satisfy the needs of each client.  We assure that references, where possible, are taken thoroughly to ensure the competence of the applicant and that only suitably qualified applicants are referred.

Temporary / Staff Contractors

Rates are variable depending on the level of skills and duties required for the temporary position.
  •  Pronel will pay the temporary employee on your behalf to alleviate your company of the required administrative functions. Invoices for temporary services are payable on presentation.

Service Conditions

 Should a temporary or permanent employee introduced by Pronel be employed in any capacity within your company, an affiliated business or a party to whom you introduce the applicant within six months of the last day of referral, fees based on our current fee structure will be levied.  Should a temporary employee referred by Pronel be offered permanent employment the applicable permanent fee becomes payable.

Should an employee referred by Pronel leave the service of the client within the guarantee period for any reason other than retrenchment, unfair dismissal or misconduct by the client, Pronel shall, if notified within 48 hours in writing, replace the applicant, provided that client affords Pronel 30 days within which to replace and if no suitable applicant can be  found, Pronel will credit the client with 50% of the paid service fee if the applicant leaves in the first month of employment, 40% if the applicant leaves in the second month, and 30% is the applicant leaves in the third month (please note: the original fee will be credited in full and a new fee will be calculated and invoiced on the replacement salary).

The client shall accept all conditions and any fee structures contained herein as binding.