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Pronel has made Job Searching Easy for YOU

4 easy ways to search for your dream job:


Keyword Search

Type in a job search "Keyword" like; "hairdresser" or "teacher" or "driver"


Location Search

Which city would you like to find work in? For example; "Durban" or "Nelspruit"


Category Search

Simply click on categories that match your criteria to filter your preferences.


Job Type Search

Use the job type checkboxes like "Permanent" and "Temporary"

Filter by tag:
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Make sure you stand out when you sign up for a real shot your future

To get the best opportunities in life, you have to make the best of all the opportunities given to you, no matter how small they may seem… because opportunities like joining the Pronel pool of candidates may seem small… but if you have taken the time and make your CV and cover letter shine… this opportunity could be the start of something truly meaningful.

Visit our Resources page for CV Tips and Templates, as well as many other helpful resources that are there to help you take meaningful steps towards your future employment.

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