Advantages of Hiring Through a Recruitment Agency

Although many industry professionals have forecast a decreased need for recruitment agencies due to in-house recruiters relying less on external sourcing and more on internal recruitment processes as well as the growing competition from job portals that allow clients to advertise their vacancies online; the fact remains that, even though client and candidate needs evolve with technological developments,  the industry continues to grow and there remains a strong need for specialists in the recruitment field to source and find top talent for organizations.

The question is why does the industry continue to grow, in the face of possibly being phased out by technology and increased company accessibility to talent?

Simple. Recruiters have a specialized knowledge of the market as well as greater reach in terms of actually sourcing talent. Furthermore, recruiters are experienced in filtering and matching processes and spend a great deal of time ensuring that they present their clients with candidates that deliver as close to the job requirements as possible. Recruitment agencies also help to convey their clients brand and offer insight into facts about the company and its industry. Another reason is that using an agency can save you time as well as money. Lastly, and probably most importantly, agencies offer real human connection that robots and AI cannot offer. Let’s break this down for you:

Specialized Market Knowledge:

As recruiters, our job centers around employment trends and what is going on in the market; which industries are booming; which have a dire need for increased skill and which are struggling. Recruiters are specialists in terms of salary trends, skill-sets that are lacking and where to find available talent as well as how to reach candidates. As specialists, we know the unemployment trends, trends in candidate expectations, generational differences as well as potential road blocks or obstacles in the current hiring process and possible solutions to these. Top recruiters, essentially act as a company’s gate way into the happenings of the market and act as collaborators in terms of market research.

Extended Reach

Any good recruitment consultant knows that not all candidates are actively looking. Some can be passive and also selective. Not all candidates will be actively responding to job ads, and don’t necessarily identify themselves as “job seekers.” Others haven’t got the time to search full time and often collaborate with their recruiters in their sector to keep an eye out for potential opportunities for them. In these situations, top recruiters will know who these candidates are as well as how to access them. Our job is to network; recruiters, especially those who have been in the industry a while, will have built up a loyal network of candidates who they can connect their clients with. This talent offers a range of skill and experience that is not accessible to in house recruitment teams.

Filtering and Matching

Filtering and matching goes hand in hand with minimizing time and resources. Often companies pour time and money into in house recruitment to no avail. Recruitment consultants are trained and experienced in matching top talent to the required job spec. This goes deeper than merely matching similar duties and responsibilities to the required vacancy. We are also trained in assessing the characters of candidates and often rely on our keen sense and “gut” feel. We are trained to look for things that a lot of in house recruiters over look. We know to question suspicious employment gaps and dig deeper when reasons for leaving or explanations for gaps are not quite satisfactory or adding up as they should. We know, with a simple hesitation in a response to an interview question, that something is off about certain candidates and we have access to certain checks that enable us to be 100% sure who we are dealing with. We also are skilled in sifting through hundreds of applications efficiently which saves clients time. We know everyone from the mail man to the CEO of an organization can be a potential applicant for any one position and we are skilled at screening out any applicants that are completely off the mark and presenting you with only the best candidates.

Help with Employer Brand

Although agencies deal with a lot of larger companies, we also assist smaller business and SMEs. While larger companies have the resources to invest in their marketing strategies and employer brand, smaller business do not have access to these same resources. Our jobs are not just limited to assisting you in finding top talent; another part of our job is to present your organization, in the best possible way, to the candidate. Top recruiters should know your company well enough to discuss things like, company culture, how established you are in the industry, benefits, growth opportunities and what it would be like for them to work there.

Human Connection

Technological developments and AI are offering faster skill matching and screening processes and there are programs out there that can fully automate the recruitment process. Although this does present an appealing option for companies, what AI and technology cannot offer is intuition and a real feel for the individual behind the CV. As I mentioned, earlier, recruiters rely on their ability to really get a human feel for a candidate’s character, their motivations, what inspires them and what does not. We know what makes candidates tick, where their real interests lie and whether or not they are being genuine and honest. This is a highly important part of the recruitment process. Machines cannot understand human emotion and character and this is something companies should definitely keep in mind when they are looking to hire talent.

Specialized and skilled recruiters understand, not only your needs, but the happenings of the employment world. Our insight is unmatched and we offer experience and expertise that AI as well as a lot of internal recruitment teams do not have. We have greater access and we offer a human connection and passion to connect top talent to our clients. For these reasons, there will always be a great need for recruiters and this is why the recruitment industry will continue to boom and enjoy growth.

Resource: M, Dinnen, July 2014, 6 Advantages of Hiring Through a Recruitment Agency

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