Pronel Personnel has a dedicated temporary division, which is able to assist with any short-term staffing needs you may have.

We deal with all staffing issues, as far as our temps are concerned, so that our clients and their managers can focus on their core business. As employers we assume responsibility for legal compliance and labour relations. We manage the payroll, deduct the necessary statutory taxes and merely invoice the client for the hours worked.

Rates are variable depending on the level of skills and duties required for the temporary position.

Services Offered

Outsourcing of Staff  Training  Payroll Administration
Organisational Diagnosis Conflict resolution
Development Motivation Change

Short-Term Staffing Needs

Contrary to their name, we see our temps as an extension of our staff.

We constantly assess, appraise and offer additional training where necessary over and above ensuring that our temps receive all the statutory benefits as laid down by the current legislations.

A noticeable trend is that companies do choose the temporary option due to the cyclical nature of their businesses. The providing of temporary personnel to client companies is critical to the continued competitive existence of all industries.


Tell us what you need.

Permanent & Temporary Terms

Our aim is to offer a personalised service and to create a service package to satisfy the needs of each client.